Feel Better, Live LongerIt is my passion for you to feel better and live longer, so that you may have the opportunity to experience the most healthy fun now and later. Allan P. Markin, Chief Accountability Officer

Our Big Rocks

If you join our Preventative Health Program your healthcare professional will not only support you in addressing the areas relating to your health that you want to focus on, but also address what we call the Big Rocks.

Our six big rocks are:

  1. Health Education - through our workshops and consultation with our healthcare professionals
  2. Vitamin D - supporting you in achieving an optimal level of vitamin D through the supplementation of Vitamin D
  3. Vitamins, Nutrients & Minerals – providing you with high quality targeted nutritional supplements to complement a healthy eating plan
  4. Heavy Metal Reduction - testing for heavy metals and supporting you in reducing the heavy metal burden in your body
  5. Thyroid Assessment - a comprehensive analysis of the health of your thyroid - and providing advice on how to optimize your energy levels and thyroid health
  6. Heart Health – we will assess your heart health and provide guidance on how to keep heart healthy