Feel Better, Live LongerIt is my passion for you to feel better and live longer, so that you may have the opportunity to experience the most healthy fun now and later. Allan P. Markin, Chief Accountability Officer

Overview of our Optimizing Health Program

We understand that making lifestyle changes and improving your health can be challenging. That is why we have a team of preventative healthcare specialists who will support you in making positive changes. What follows is an overview of our optimizing health program – what to expect and what you will receive for your investment. A minimum of one year commitment is required for initial registration but the majority of our participants stay with us for 3+ years.

In Year One

Gathering of Relevant Information Process (GRIP – Initial Consultation)

  • Blood draw (testing a wide range of biomarkers), and biometrics (height, weight, waist girth and blood pressure)
  • Receive a starter kit of supplements that are specifically selected for you based on the recommendations provided by a healthcare professional
  • Consultation with one of our healthcare professionals. Includes discussion on lifestyle changes and the setting of positive goals for you to work towards with us
  • Invitation to our healthy living workshops

Health Information Prescription Plan (HIPP – Follow Up Visit)

  • 3-6 weeks after GRIP consultation
  • Receive a summary copy of blood work results
  • Repeat your biometrics
  • Consultation with one of our healthcare professionals. At this time your blood test results will be reviewed and an explanation as to what they mean will be provided.
  • Provision of tailored wellness program and alteration of supplement program based on you and your blood work.

Year Two and Beyond

The same process that happens in year one then repeats in year two. If as expected your health continues to improve then in year three you will graduate to our Graduated Program.

If you wish to find out more about our program we offer free evening and daytime talks. To attend a talk please phone (403)457-5077

Overview of the Senior Community Program

Research shows that most Canadians (even those who eat a healthy diet) do not consume the nutrients, minerals and vitamins they need on a daily basis for optimal health.(1) An im-portant part of the solution to this is nutritional supplementation.

The goal of our program is to support you in achieving an optimal level of Vitamin D

Why the Focus on Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin - it gets produced by the skin in response to sunlight exposure. Once created and activated it influences the health and functioning of most of the body’s cells and tissues. For seniors, having optimal levels is particularlyimportant. Low levels of vitamin D for example are as-sociated with a higher risk of muscle weakness, falls, osteoporosis and bone fractures. High levels of Vitamin D are associated with improved muscle strength, better physical functioning and a reduced risk of osteoporosis.

The benefits of Vitamin D extend beyond bone health. Low levels are associated with a wide variety of diseases, including colorectal cancer, high blood pressure, cognitive decline and depression.

Pure North will provide eligible participants with free nutritional supplementation, including a high potency multi-vitamin mineral, a bone health formula, a phytonutrient formula and Vitamin D.

What to Expect

Once you have registered for the program you will be given a location and time to attend for your first session. When you arrive the following will take place:

  • Please come with a list of any supplements or medications you are taking
  • Video presentation to explain an overview of our program
  • Complete questionnaire
  • Complete Q Fracture 2012 Risk Assessment Tool for Osteoporosis and receive your per-sonalized 10 year risk score
  • Blood draw (testing your Vitamin D, B12 and calcium levels)
  • Biometrics (height, weight, waist girth and blood pressure, osteoporosis screening assess-ment)
  • Receive information on how to prevent osteo-porotic fractures, fall-proofing your home, guidelines for physical activity, calcium rich recipes, and calcium supplementation
  • Receive a supply of our ‘Super D’ maintenance pack
  • Your information will be reviewed by one of our healthcare professionals

Summary of Benefits

  • Free nutritional supplementation to support the health of you and your bones
  • Twice yearly blood testing to monitor your levels of Vitamin D, calcium and B12.
  • Assistance in identifying risk factors for a potential osteoporotic fracture(s) and provision of a tailored osteoporosis prevention and treatment program.

To book an appointment and/or if you have any questions please
Call: (403)457-5115
Email: seniorcommunityprogram@purenorth.ca